Soft Shell, hard Core. CEP DISCUP®+Cu
CEP Freiberg supplies composite tubes for the manufacture of wear-resistant wire guides in welding machines and plants. With circular or star-shaped internal geometry.

CEP DISCUP®+Cu – wear resistant composite pipe

Wire guides are typical elements of winding, turning and eroding machines.

They are subjected to very high mechanical wear by the movement. Even higher is the stress arising on contact tips in MAG, MIG and submerged arc welding equipment. For them, the demands according to conductivity and high temperature wear resistance are diametrically opposed. Until now, the user had to give the conductivity preference and work with copper in this case.

The consequences in all cases: frequent replacement of worn parts with system and plant downtimes.

Composite tubes by CEP DISCUP®+Cu have a service life of up to five times longer than conventional tubes and the good price-performance ratio also makes their utilisation worthwhile. The reason for this: Its core is of hard, highly wear-resistant material, the shell consists of electrolytic copper. This ensures maximum heat dissipation - and in the case of welding – also the best current transmission. At the same time it reduces the manufacturing cost.

CEP DISCUP®+Cu is generated by hydrostatic extrusion, manufacturing the compound material as a tube in one single step. Highest centricity is guaranteed. The borehole can be produced in circular form – or with a star shape. It stabilises the wire guide and reduces wear even further.

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