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CEP DISCUP®+Cu: Soft Shell, Hard Core
CEP Freiberg supplies composite tubes for wear-resistant wire guides in machines and equipment. With round or with star-shaped (5-sided) internal geometry.

Wear-resistant composite tube
CEP DISCUP®+Cu – Wear-resistant composite tube

CEP DISCUP®+Cu is a semi-finished product in the form of a double-walled composite tube: highly conductive pure copper on the outside, but wear-resistant copper-based high-temperature material on the inside. CEP DISCUP®+Cu was specially developed for machines and systems that work with wire materials – such as winding, turning and eroding machines – and for which the wear resistance of the wire guides is an important factor.

The demands placed on contact tips in MAG or MIG welding machines – or on the collets in TIG welding machines – are even higher. The result: frequent replacement of worn parts with system downtime.

Wire guides, contact tips and collets made of CEP DISCUP®+Cu composite tubing last much longer than conventional products – and their excellent value for money means that they pay for themselves.

The composite tube is produced by hydrostatic extrusion, and the hole for the wire guide is created during the extrusion process – guaranteeing maximum centricity. The hole can have a standard circular or a star-shaped cross-section. This geometry stabilizes the wire guide and reduces wear even further.

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