The Power Copper. CEP DISCUP®
CEP Freiberg supplies materials that would integrate apparently contradictory properties: Electrical conductivity like copper. Strength like steel. And better thermal stability than either.

CEP DISCUP® – powder metallurgically manufactured materials with unique characteristics

CEP DISCUP® is an almost perfect electrical and thermal conductor – similar to copper. But unlike copper, it provides at the same time the strength of a structural steel. Even more: when exposed to temperatures up to 900 °C, it will relieve this strength much slower than both materials will do.

Most unusual: After cooling, the material will get back its original strength spontaneously. In practical application this „strength memory effect“ means that the material will recover immediately when thermal load is decreasing only temporarely. This is what no conventional metal will be able of.

Apart from that CEP DISCUP® demonstrates a high wear resistance and good spring properties. You can hot form, machine and braze it easily.

This makes CEP DISCUP® an ideal material for challenging applications – applications for which design engineers had to strike material compromises in the past.

First, it enables a very simple design of critical parts in so called conductivity – temperature applications. Thermal absorbers in beam lines are an example of such parts. Others are conducting wires exposed to high mechanical and / or thermal loads – especially in new electro cars.

Second, CEP DISCUP® is an ideal material for structural components in constructions exposed to high temperatures during manufacturing or work.

Third, you can make wear parts of CEP DISCUP® – even when it comes to high-temperature wear applications. Think of high-load friction bearings for example and keep in mind that PM materials provide excellent emergency operating features, too.