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CEP DISCUP®: The Power-Copper
CEP Freiberg supplies materials that combine the seemingly incompatible: As conductive as copper. As strong as steel. And with better heat resistance than either.

CEP DISCUP® – a powder-metallurgical material with unique properties

CEP DISCUP® copper-based high-temperature materials are almost the perfect conductor materials – similar to copper. In contrast to copper, however, they exhibit high strength at room temperature: approximately that of unalloyed structural steel. Their recrystallisation temperature is approx. 900 °C – significantly higher than that of steels. They are therefore more heat-resistant in use.

Unique Strength-Memory Property

Even when heated above the recrystallisation temperature, the material’s microstructure – unlike that of typical metals – is not destroyed. After cooling, their fine-grained initial state is restored; their original microstructure is recovered. In practical terms, this means that short-term overheating in the course of processing or application can be accommodated.

Higher heat resistance and strength-memory – it is this combination of properties that makes a real high-temperature material of CEP DISCUP®. In addition, the materials are characterised by high electric arc resistance, high wear resistance, spring/elastic properties and good sliding behaviour.

Ease of Processing

The materials can be readily cold formed, e.g., by drawing, rolling or cold extrusion. Hot forming is also no problem, while brazing serves as the ideal joining method. CEP DISCUP® can also be machined without any problems – in contrast to pure copper.

Ideal For ‘CT’ Applications

All this makes CEP DISCUP® the ideal material for demanding applications across a wide range of industries – applications where designers previously had to accept compromises in their choice of materials.

Firstly, CEP DISCUP® materials allow the simple design of components and elements where the difficult property pairing of “conductivity & temperature resistance” is required, the so-called ‘CT’ property.

Secondly, the materials facilitate the straightforward design of structural components in machines and equipment that require mechanical strength while simultaneously being exposed to high temperatures.

Thirdly, CEP DISCUP® can be used to efficiently manufacture components that are subject to wear and that must exhibit good sliding properties – even at high temperatures. For more information on possible applications, please click here.

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Special Manufacturing Processes

The initial powder-metallurgic granulate material is generated by means of the RMMA process. Different pressing technologies will then be applied to produce semi-finished products of it – allowing CEP Freiberg´s customers to focus on the efficient fabrication of their end products.

CEP DISCUP® will be mainly delivered in the form of round bars, produced by indirect extrusion. Square, rectangular or other cross section types are available as well. Large-size bulky parts produced by hot isostatic pressing (HIP) are available on request.

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Property set of CEP Freiberg´s copper-based high-temperature materials

Property set of copper-based high-temperature materials