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CEP Freiberg supplies innovative, patented TIG two-part clamping sleeves with longer service lives.

Two parts instead of one: TIG two-part clamping sleeves manufactured by CEP Freiberg

Generally, one-piece clamping sleeves made of copper are used to fix the tungsten electrode in the TIG-welding apparatus. These are designed with a longitudinal slit: On tightening the housing, the electrode is fixed in place. Because of the high thermal loading that occurs during the welding process, such one-piece sleeves soften and deform very quickly. One-piece clamping sleeves often stick to the electrode, resulting in premature replacement.

It would be a distinct advantage if such components were made of the composite material CEP DISCUP®+Cu, which provides a combination of high electric conductivity and thermal stability. However, clamping sleeves with longitudinal slits are inherently prone to deformation. CEP Freiberg has developed a robust alternative: Two tube segments – one sliding and one clamping component – with skew-cut ends. On tighten the housing, the two parts wedge against each other, thus gripping the electrode along the entire length of the housing. In addition, softening of these components is reversible (after cooling) due to the “strength memory effect” of the CEP DISCUP® material.

Operating principle of the patented two-part clamping sleeves

Temperature-resistant material, robust design, good load distribution – the patented TIG two-part clamping sleeve system from CEP Freiberg has a significantly longer service life. Adhesion to the electrode is almost impossible.

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