Will Bear One Million Volts Quite Easily. CEP DISCUP® VOLT
CEP Freiberg supplies non-adhesive and burn-off resistant contact materials for high-voltage applications – or ready-to-use contacts.

CEP DISCUP® VOLT – special material for high voltage contacts

In the high-voltage area, electrolytic copper, electrics bronzes and other conventional copper alloys may only be considered compromises. These materials show a poor arc resistance and have therefore a tendency to adhere with the contact partner or to "burn down“. Besides that, they are of a very low elasticity. All this makes them inappropriate to manufacture e.g. good switching contacts out of them.

Because of their low resistance against abrasive wear, they are even less suitable as materials for sliding contacts, e.g. in scissors pantographs.

Adhering is a problem for electrode caps in resistance welding as well, to the detriment of productivity.

CEP DISCUP® VOLT is a version of CEP DISCUP® optimised for high-voltage contacts by special alloying additives. In electrical and thermal conductivity, it nearly achieves the values of conventional contact materials. In terms of arc resistance, spring effect and wear resistance it is much better than them. The slightly higher material price is quickly returned through the reduction of maintenance costs (which are often associated with downtimes).

CEP DISCUP® VOLT is available as bar or tube material and also as wires in various cross-sections. Due to its good processing characteristics, every type of contact can be manufactured from it. CEP Freiberg can also provide ready-made contacts in larger numbers according to technical drawings on request.

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