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CEP DISCUP® VOLT: Ships a Million Volts – Effortlessly
CEP Freiberg supplies non-stick high temperature- and electric arc-resistant conductor and contact materials

Werkstoff CEP DISCUP VOLT, verarbeitet zu Draht und Kontakten
CEP DISCUP® VOLT – Special material for electrical conductors and contacts

CEP DISCUP® VOLT; electrical conductivity:

86 ± 2 % IACS = 50 MS/m

(Pure copper: 100 % IACS = 58 MS/m)

CEP DISCUP® VOLT is the perfect material variant for high-durability electrical contacts and cables.

In the high-voltage range, for example, typical contact materials such as electrolytic copper or electrobronzes can only be considered compromises: their insufficient electric arc resistance gives them a pronounced tendency to stick. One example of this is the use of inferior electrodes in resistance welding – often greatly reducing the productivity of automated welding systems.

As contact points, typical contact materials often have insufficient elasticity. They are even less suitable as sliding contacts because of their low resistance to frictional wear. They also exhibit limited suitability at safety applications, for example, where high ambient temperatures are to be expected – whether as contacts, cable and plug connectors or even as conductor cables.

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Nearly Perfect Conductor Material

CEP DISCUP® VOLT achieves the electrical conductivity values of most typical contact materials. However, it is far superior in terms of electric-arc resistance, elasticity, high-temperature resistance and wear resistance.

For example, contact tips made of CEP DISCUP® VOLT for MIG, MAG and submerged arc welding last significantly longer than conventional contact tips made of CuCr1Zr. Compared to contact tips made of copper, the increase in service life is even greater.

Simple Processing

CEP DISCUP® VOLT can be readily cold formed, e.g., by drawing, rolling or cold extrusion. Hot forming is also no problem, while brazing serves as the ideal joining method. CEP DISCUP® VOLT can also be machined without any problems – in contrast to pure copper.

Efficient Semi-Finished Products

Many applications involve small components that are required in large quantities. To enable our customers to manufacture such parts cost-effectively, CEP DISCUP® VOLT is offered in the form of slim round bars, produced by indirect extrusion.