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CEP – Compound Extrusion Products GmbH
CEP Freiberg develops and produces powder-metallurgical copper-based high-temperature materials, and supplies them as semi-finished and finished components.

Heating of green bodies made of copper-based high-temperature material for indirect extrusion – Insertion into the press

Unique understanding of the materials, a unique process and unique equipment – these are the solid foundations on which CEP Freiberg’s work is based. The company develops and produces innovative powder-metallurgical materials that are primarily based on copper. By combining the properties of different materials in one, CEP Freiberg’s products close technological gaps for the most demanding applications.

The company was founded by Dr. Wolfram Möhler, a material scientist, in 2003 in Freiberg/Saxony, and was borne of the vast expertise of the former Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals (FNE). CEP Freiberg is firmly integrated into the materials research landscape of Saxony, whose origins go back to medieval silver mining and which is still world-renowned today.

After many years of cooperation with the metallurgy specialist ECKA Granules, CEP Freiberg acquired the exclusive rights to its special process for the production of powder-metallurgical materials.

With highly specialised plant technology, the company’s vertical integration results in a production system of great depth. Semi-finished products and selected end products made from the company’s own materials are produced entirely in-house.