CEP – Compound Extrusion Products GmbH
CEP Freiberg develops, produces and sells powder-metallurgy materials as finished and semi-finished products.

Produktion bei CEP
Freiberg in Saxony, historical university and mining town, material research centre and registered office of CEP Freiberg.

Unique material know-how, a unique process and unique equipment – these are the three main characteristics of how CEP Freiberg works. The company develops and produces powder metallurgically manufactured materials, mainly on the basis of copper. Merging the characteristics of various conventional materials enables the company to overcome technological problems in challenging applications.

CEP Freiberg was founded in Freiberg / Saxony in 2003 from the long-standing research institute Forschungsinstitut für Nichteisenmetalle (FNE).

The company's founder, Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Möhler, still manages the company. He studied Material Engineering at the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg. CEP Freiberg is part of the Saxon materials research landscape, whose origins date back to the medieval silver mining and is still internationally recognized today.

After a long collaboration with the metallurgy company ECKA Granules, CEP Freiberg acquired exclusive rights to the special process for producing powder metallurgical (PM) materials.

With highly specialised manufacturing equipment and with maximum in-house production depth, CEP Freiberg now manufactures semi-finished and selected finished products out of its home-made PM materials.