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The Tips with the Two Rings: Composite Contact Tips made of CEP DISCUP®+Cu
CEP Freiberg supplies contact tips for welding systems – with service lifetimes that are up to five times longer! Available with round or with star-shaped internal geometry.

Längs aufgeschnittene Stromkontaktdüse mit sichtbarem
 Werkstoffverbund Verbundrohre mit runder und fünfeckiger Innengeometrie
Composite contact tips made of CEP DISCUP®+Cu. When cut lengthwise, the wear-resistant core is visible. Available with round or with star-shaped internal geometry

Composite contact tips made of CEP DISCUP®+Cu:
Service lifetime

Up to 5 times longer!

Contact tips are the most important wearing parts on modern arc welding equipment. Made of CEP DISCUP®+Cu composite tube – pure copper on the outside, copper-based high-temperature material on the inside – they combine the best electrical and thermal conductivity with greater high-temperature and wear resistance. User reports show: Contact tips from CEP Freiberg last significantly longer than conventional options.

The tips are supplied with either round or star-shaped internal geometry. The latter improves contact while, at the same time, reducing the wear caused by the welding wire passing through. However, the star-shaped cross-section is not suitable for every application.

Tips are supplied according to the specifications of all leading manufacturers of MIG, MAG and submerged arc welding systems, as well as systems for electric arc spraying. Contact tips from CEP Freiberg can be recognised by the two rings turned onto the shaft area (registered design). Order directly from CEP Freiberg.

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