The Contact Tips with Two Circlets. Compound Contact Tips Made of CEP DISCUP®+Cu
CEP Freiberg supplies contact tips for welding machines with service lives up to five times longer than CuCrZr products. With circular or star-shaped internal geometry.

Stromkontaktdüsen, Sortiment CEP DISCUP®+Cu, Rohrquerschnitte
Compound Contact Tips from CEP Freiberg are available with circular or with star-shaped internal geometries.

Contact tips are the most important wear parts in modern welding plants. Made of the composite material CEP DISCUP®+Cu, they combine the best electrical and thermal conductivity with a wear resistance which is often sadly missing at conventional contact tips. Contact tips are available with circular or with star-shaped inner geometries. The latter form improves the tip-to-wire contact while decreasing wear. The service life of contact tips manufactured by CEP Freiberg is up to five-times longer.

Externally recognizable are these special contact tips by the two circlets engraved in their shafts (registered design).

CEP Freiberg provides all kinds of contact tips from all renowned manufacturers for MIG, MAG and submerged arc welding equipment as well as systems and plants for electric arc spraying as standard. Order directly from CEP Freiberg, please.

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