Hydrostatic Extrusion at CEP Freiberg. Technological Assistance
Hydrostatic extrusion presses can transform even "difficult" materials. A technological assistance service of CEP Freiberg.

Die einzigartige Strangpresse von CEP
One of only two hydrostatic extrusion presses in Europe is run at CEP Freiberg.

Hydrostatic extrusion is a special type of extruding process numbered among hot working procedures. It can be used for forming metallic materials into rod and tube materials or for processing wires that would otherwise be hard to form due to their brittleness, as for example with a lot of special alloys - both for powder metallurgy as well as for wrought alloys.

The attainable high extrusion ratio makes it possible to produce particularly fine, complicated and thin-walled profiles with high precision. At the same time, this can be executed at low forming temperatures to protect the material characteristics.

Because of their specific application profile, hydrostatic extrusion presses are very rare. CEP Freiberg runs one of only two such plants in Europe: a 12 MN horizontal Quintus extrusion press from ASEA. It is available for contract-based forming.

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