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Passing the Baton – Made from the Company’s own Material
Leadership trio takes over Freiberg technology company – one female member

At the beginning of July, 2022, Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Möhler (66) formally passed on the company he founded, CEP Freiberg GmbH, to the next generation.

Passing the baton at CEP Freiberg: (Back, L to R) Thomas Weichold, Eric Irmer; (Front, L to R) Katrin Möhler, Wolfram Möhler

Management was relayed into the capable hands of three of the company’s employees – including the founder’s daughter. Katrin Möhler was appointed as CEO/CFO, Thomas Weichold as CEO/CTO, while Eric Irmer became the company’s Sales Manager and authorised representative. In reality, however, all three have been growing into their areas of responsibility for several years – all that was missing were the legal signatures. The official documents were signed on May 1st, after which Wolfram Möhler was finally able to begin his retirement, including an appropriate transition period. He had already transferred shares in the business to Katrin Möhler and Thomas Weichold in 2018.

The fact that his daughter is part of the new management team makes the founder extremely proud, he says. A woman at the helm of a technology company is something we don’t see very often. For Katrin Möhler, it is not a job, but a vocation – in the literal sense of the word. “We have been a well-established team for a long time now,” says the CEO/CFO of herself and her management colleagues. “The customers know us well.”

“I have no problem letting go,” said Mr. Möhler. To be able to pass on the baton to colleagues who have been with the company for years and have proven their skills beyond doubt is reassuring, he says. And speaking of the “baton” he passed to the next generation: For the commemorative photo, the founder handed over a particularly meaningful specimen – made of CEP Freiberg’s own copper-based high-temperature material.

Of course, he will continue to advise the company in the future, says Mr. Möhler – but only on request! The reason is that he will not always be available: His motor home is ready and waiting to transport the retired materials expert and his wife all over Europe...