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Innovative Contact Tips for Arc Welding
Service lifetime approx. 5 times longer than conventional contact tips

Arrangement Stromkontaktdüsen

The contact tip is the most highly stressed component in welding equipment used for arc welding processes (e.g., MAG, MIG and submerged arc welding). It serves as the guide of and exit point for the welding wire. Well-known manufacturers of such equipment include Binzel and Fronius. Because of the high demands with respect to conductivity, contact tips are usually made of electrolytic copper or electrobronze.

Unfortunately, it is precisely such materials that lack high-temperature resistance, and the result is high mechanical wear. For this reason, frequent contact tip replacement was previously deemed unavoidable in order to ensure the quality of weld seams.

At CEP Freiberg, we have made it our business to extend the service life of welding torch components. As a manufacturer of special copper-based high-temperature materials, our metallurgists were able to successfully close the technological gap.

With the help of tubes made from CEP DISCUP® + Cu, CEP Freiberg has achieved a breakthrough in materials technology. Contact tips made from this material combine electrical and thermal conductivity with high-temperature resistance in a manner that conventional materials cannot match (i.e., ‘CT’ properties). This means that the material exhibits much higher wear resistance.

The sheath of the composite tube consists of highly conductive electrolytic copper, while the core is made of the wear-resistant copper-based high-temperature material CEP DISCUP®, an ODS copper product produced by powder metallurgy.

Novel patented materials with further innovation potential

It is no coincidence that CEP Freiberg has applied for a patent for this high-performance material: When used in welding systems for MAG, MIG and submerged arc welding, tips made of CEP DISCUP® + Cu have a service life up to five times longer than conventional ones.

However, CEP Freiberg doesn’t just supply composite tubes. The company also offers ready-to-use wear-resistant tips in a wide variety of designs and for all common manufacturers of MAG, MIG and arc welding systems – e.g., for the Binzel, Cloos, Dinse, and Fronius systems, to name but a few.

If you would like to order contact tips made of CEP DISCUP® + Cu, please send us a message.