Copper-Based High-Temperature Materials.
With Excellent Conductivity and Wear Resistance.

CEP Freiberg develops and produces copper-based high-temperature materials and sells them as semi-finished products and finished parts.

The innovative materials belong to the so-called ODS coppers, a special type of powder metallurgical materials. Produced in a unique process, the materials will combine mechanical and technological properties with conductivity features in a way conventional metals will not do. With CEP´s copper-based high-temperature materials design engineers may bridge gaps in their constructions without making compromises any more.

For years, CEP Freiberg has supplied industry with exceptional wear resistant compound contact tips for arc welding. But the materials may be used for many other special applications in several technological branches as well – especially when it comes to meet challenges in both maximum thermal and / or electrical conductivity, and maximum thermal stability. CEP Freiberg is ready for testing every new application.

Applications for copper-based high-temperature materials